Bili EP

by Naji

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Because I Love It.


released February 28, 2015

Kenyatta Naji Johnson-Adams - All compositions, mixing and mastering, and additional vocals and lyrics on "Just Get Into It"
Elias Kerr - lyrics and vocals for "Just Get Into It"



all rights reserved


Naji Erie, Pennsylvania

Do be do be do~

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Track Name: Just Get Into It (feat. Elias)
This the type of shit you know, that, like
I wanna wake up all my friends and, like
Knowing damn well we got work in the morning
Just, like, run up on somebody
At, like 4:30 in the morning

Amen amen

I don't really do shit like this (uh)

Verse 1:
1-8-7 on my drumset
Haven't even begun to have fun yet
All she wants is a damn husband
Scot Disick flow on the prospect

All I got is lint in my pocket
Offered 3 bucks for the conquest on my Cortez shit;
Shared profits, I'm a locksmith, hot shit
Cheat codes on fleek, Level 5 moshpit

Zero to a million Homie, real quick
I never play the villian like I'm Will Smith

Beat it with a bass
And I'll slap you with a big fish
Broadway play shit
Know what i'm made with

Born 9-5, that's a day shift
Laced in a drug that's basic
I don't smoke the shit, I keep it simple
Moving colors, stuck in limbo
The bar is set too low

And bro I flow like old crow
No chaser and a pound o' dro
Y'all motherfuckers cop the flow
Still snakes in my lawn I have yet to mow
(Five dollars, bro!)

They love me unconditional
And that was Transformation Tuesday's post
I feel like I ain't shit to y'all
Y'all playin' wrong calls like the Super Bowl
(Whoo Whoo!)

I can see the face of God
In ya head and shit
I think I'm trippin'
And I still can taste the bong rip

Baby, hold my hand
I hurt, I'm feeling nauseous
She said get into it, and finish it
Don't talk shit

Just get into it
Into it
(Ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha-ha)

Just get into it
Get into it
(Well hey, that's not bad)

Just get into it
Into it
(Hmm, do that again)

Just get into it
Get into it

Just get into it
Into it
(Oh my damn)

Just get into it
Get into it
(Hit it ha ha)

Just get into it
Into it
(Bow Bow Bow)

Just get into it
Get into it

Aight, you the man.
You the man.
You got this.
Nah, you the man .

Ha (x2)
You wearin' onesie pajamas, bruh.
Get yourself hype (x2)

Ah, I got some hype.
Aw man, It's gonna be
It's gonna be hot when it drop.
(Hot when It drop) (x3)

It's gonna be hot when it drop.
Ya know what I'm sayin', Teenie?
Ya know what I'm sayin'?
Alright, let's get into it. Let's go.

Verse 2:
Moving on thieves, squirmin' like I'm hopscotch
Y'all look at rapping as an odd job

They found a treasure map in my vomit, bruh
They say the gold is in my knowledge, bruh

Known Naji since back back
We was playin' in high school jazz band
Now we in the stu making sick tracks
That Mr. Johnson probably cringed at
(My bad)

Dropped acid with Megan Trainor
Taking tabs right to the face
45 minutes later I look and
Ask if she's still about the bass

She said yes
That's Optimus Prime in the background
He's just havin' sex
With Bumblebee while Starscream filming
He said "this shit's a mess"

I feel like my iPhone's watchin' me
Hip-Hop's just a big conspiracy, aristocracy
But it flocks to me like some sexy sheep
Could I pet the beat?

This EP
Just cop it, please
If it rocks with you
Then it rocks with me


All these fuckin' acronyms
Describe me and how dope I am
If you disagree then piss off
And homie just get into it

Just get into it
Bitch, just get into it
I'm flowing and I know I'm gonna
Take it to the mothership

The harder they come
The harder they fall
Bitch, I'm harder than a concrete wall
(Harder than a concrete wall)

Hype as fuck
Light-headed as a motherfucker
Wah wah like Jimi Hendrix
Just get into it

Did you like that?