Baked Potatoes

by Naji Adamson

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If you've ever had an urge to write a song, but never knew what to write about (or you just don't wanna write another love song), then you'll definitely relate to this. Who can hate a Baked Potato? You could discuss politics, or you could have a potato. You can argue about today's sound, but potatoes will always be delicious. So get your butter ready, and bake yo' potatoes.


released July 3, 2015

Kenyatta Naji Johnson-Adams - EVUHREETHANG MUSICAL

Artwork by Panaran (That's the artist of Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur. c:)



all rights reserved


Naji Erie, Pennsylvania

Do be do be do~

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Track Name: Baked Potatoes
I know who you are
I know what you see
And you depend on me

No one can love you better
I'll give you that sweet release
So just put me in your mouth and let me

Ease on through
There's never been more to do
(I can be your guidance
Let me give you that kindness)

They say I'm not one to trust
But you know must

VERSE 1 (Rap):

Alright (Hmm)
Brown skin, cold feet
Goes well with all my green

Put the whole bag in a dish, We all glad
Little bit of butter make a sinner out a lover

I don't know why, but I'm feeling sentimental
Just thinking about you is worth its own instrumental
I could've settled
But the world's used to hearing struggle

So I'll make it mellow
And sing about a bomb baked potato.

Lost in the dark
Something something sentimental
Gotta get my sexy on
Rocking red and white and yellow

Screw the haters
Bake potatoes
And don't let anyone
Take 'em from you

(Uh) Cause you know what we do

Russet, Yellow, Red, Brown, Purple, Yukon Gold (x3)
Baking more potatoes, homie (x2)

You smell that?
It's not bad
450 degrees and I'm had.

I'm a bundle of love, but I'm sad
You salt me up, add cream, then smash

Ain't nobody telling you ("You need to go.")
Yeah, I got calories (Who needs 'em low?)

Pretty pretty pretty please, just eat me up
No need to cause a fuss (oh-oh)

Man, you know I'm so good
Shouldn't need a reason
But if you want new food
I won't fight you baby

I'll brighten everyone's mood
It's a no-brainer
So what you think about it?

VERSE 2 (Rap):
I mean, you can have 'em grilled
But you should have 'em baked
You can have 'em raw, man
But I wouldn't recommend it

Better than yams and they're
Better than jam and they
Bring out the fam and we
Don't eat 'em canned cause ew.

Under the weather? (Maybe)
You need a friend? (Yeah.)
Broke it with your girl (Man, we had problems.)

You need potatoes
Eat some potatoes
Have my potatoes
No seriously, EAT 'EM.


Alright now, y'all.
We're gon' break it down for a minute
And we're gon' discuss my love of baked potatoes
This song is friggin' ridiculous, but I don't even care
Hey, put your hands up

Baked potatoes, Bae (x7)
Baked potatoes, yeah
Baked potatotes